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Audible Physics 3DEV speakers

Audible Physics presents its flagship 3-way speaker system 3DEV in its third generation. 3DEV embodies the Trinity - the three main Hindu Gods, whose otherworldly qualities are imitated by a cutting-edge audio solution that provides unrivaled sound quality and clarity. This speaker system includes a 165mm mid-bass, 75mm center and 20mm tweeter with high resolution and an extremely low resonant frequency of 960Hz. Everything is expertly and with maximum precision designed so that the individual components work together in perfect harmony. 3DEV loudspeakers make full use of all the experience of the Audible Physics development department with the use of many proprietary materials and technological solutions. Components for production are assembled literally from all over the world to guarantee the highest quality materials. One of the key components of the 3DEV loudspeaker system is the mid-bass diaphragm made of the unique MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material, which was developed and manufactured in the USA. Also worth noting is the high-quality copper imported from Japan for the production of the coil and other components, and above all the proprietary patented Matrix Alloy Dome tweeter diaphragm made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, which enables the traditional Audible Physics sound experience. 3DEV loudspeakers also have an admirably linear frequency response curve of the entire system, which, if properly installed, allows almost no equalization on the DSP processor. The package also includes compact crossovers for passive connection, hexagon grilles for the middle bass, and you can count on high-quality hand-made production. Whether you're a music enthusiast, audiophile or professional sound engineer, the Audible Physics 3DEV 3-way speaker system is sure to impress you like never before. With its advanced technology, top-notch components and unrivaled performance, 3DEV is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the ultimate listening experience. 

Audible Physics BD 635 mid-bass speakers

The Audible Physics BD 635 Mid-Bass Speakers feature a classic Audible Physics design with a traditional white diaphragm and a copper colored canopy. The diaphragm is made of advanced MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material, which is known for its excellent stiffness, very low weight and minimal vibrations, which allows accurate and natural sound reproduction. Other advantages of this material include practically zero vibrations arising from the movement of the membrane, which is also contributed by the durable rubber suspension ensuring optimal damping and transverse stability. The suspension also eliminates movements that could cause contact with the 25 mm voice coil and robust 90 x 20 mm ceramic magnet. The coil and other copper components are made of the highest quality Japanese copper with exceptional conductivity and durability. A specially designed cast speaker basket has several advantages. It is exceptionally rigid, eliminates vibrations and does not deform as much when the membrane moves, as is the case with classic steel baskets. At the same time, it does not reduce the magnetic field and dissipates heat from the oscillating coil significantly more effectively. The massive cable terminals, which we are more used to seeing on classic subwoofers, also attract attention. 

Audible Physics TW 120 tweeters

The tweeter membrane of the Audible Physics TW 120 is made of our own patented Matrix Alloy Dome material. It is an alloy of magnesium and aluminum that offers several advantages, led by exceptional high-frequency details, analytically accurate sound and an extremely deep soundstage. This alloy dome impresses with its perfect linearity of the frequency response curve and almost perfect neutrality. In addition, magnesium has excellent damping properties and, together with the very stiff aluminum in the alloy, significantly reduces distortion and mechanical deformation. The high quality 19mm neodymium magnet is optimized for better efficiency and improved linearity to ensure perfect power management and increase bandwidth and efficiency. We must not forget the resonant frequency of 960 Hz, which will enable the ability to reproduce even lower frequencies than is common with most competing tweeters. The design of the copper-colored calota follows the mid-bass diaphragm and optically forms a perfectly coordinated system. Also worth mentioning are the beautiful steel tweeter housings designed for flush mounting. They also include rings for quick and reliable fastening.

Audible Physics MR 320 center speakers

The Audible Physics MR 320 center speakers have been designed to provide an exceptional audio experience and detailed to analytically accurate sound reproduction. Whether you're listening to vocals, acoustic instruments, or any other medium-heavy audio content, you can expect nothing less than an impressively clean and accurate mid-range presentation with the Audible Physics MR 320. The Audible Physics MR 320 loudspeakers are dominated, as in the case of mid-bass speakers, by a traditional white membrane with a copper-colored canopy. The speaker membrane is also made of MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material. All three components form a sonically exceptional and perfectly coordinated whole that will satisfy the ear of every audiophile.

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