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Audible Physics Avatar 6.1 speakers

The Audible Physics Avatar 6.1 loudspeakers, now in their third generation, have gained recognition and a permanent place in the demanding car audio market over the past years thanks to their refined sound. The latest MK3 version has improved mid-bass with a diaphragm made of MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material and a coil with an impedance of 3 Ohms, which, together with high real sensitivity, allows the speakers to be connected to factory head units or less powerful amplifiers. The tweeter has also been upgraded, which now uses its own patented Matrix Alloy Dome diaphragm made of magnesium and aluminum alloy for even more detailed sound delivery and an extended high-frequency response. The result is a component system that will impress all users with its advanced sound who love flawless music reproduction, precise tonality, clearly articulated low frequencies and breathtaking vocals. In addition to the mid-bass and tweeters themselves, the package also includes compact frequency crossovers for simple connection in passive mode, design houses for surface placement of tweeters, as well as cover grilles for the mid-bass speaker. Like all Audible Physics products, the Avatar 6.1 speakers are handcrafted in our own factory. 

Audible Physics Avatar 6 mid-bass speakers

The main distinguishing detail of most Audible Physics speakers is the white mid-bass membrane, which in the third generation Avatar model is made of MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material, which was developed and manufactured in the USA. This advanced material is known for its excellent stiffness, very light weight and minimal vibration, allowing accurate and natural sound reproduction. Other advantages include practically zero vibrations arising from the movement of the membrane, which is also contributed by the durable rubber suspension ensuring optimal damping and lateral stability. The suspension also eliminates movements that could cause contact with the 25 mm voice coil and the robust 80 x 18 mm ferrite magnet. A specially designed cast speaker basket has several advantages. It is exceptionally rigid, eliminates vibrations and does not deform as much when the membrane moves, as is the case with classic steel baskets. At the same time, it does not reduce the magnetic field and dissipates heat from the oscillating coil significantly more effectively. The massive cable terminals, which we are more used to seeing on classic subwoofers, also attract attention.

Audible Physics Avatar 1  tweeters

For its tweeters, Audible Physics relies on its own patented Matrix Alloy Dome membrane with a diameter of 25 mm, which is made of an alloy of magnesium and aluminum. This unique combination of metals offers several advantages, led by exceptional high-frequency detail, analytically accurate sound and an extremely deep soundstage. This alloy dome impresses with its remarkable linearity of the frequency response curve and almost perfect neutrality. In addition, magnesium has excellent damping properties and, together with the very stiff aluminum in the alloy, significantly reduces distortion and mechanical deformation. The high quality 24mm neodymium magnet is optimized for better efficiency and improved linearity to ensure perfect power management and increase bandwidth and efficiency. The design of the alloy Matrix dome in silver color follows the canopy of the mid-bass membrane and optically forms a perfectly coordinated system. The beautifully designed tweeter housing with a robust hexagonal grid is designed for embedding, but you will also find housings for surface installation in the package.

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