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Loudspeakers Audible Physics RAM 6.3.1 SR

The active three-band system Audible Physics RAM 6.3.1 SR represents the sound-advanced Studio Reference model series, which is used not only in high-end automotive equipment, but also in home ones. The precision-engineered woofers, midrange and tweeters are made of the highest quality materials with the bee's own patented Matrix Alloy Dome membrane made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, which enables the traditional Audible Physics sound experience. Ideal for use in high performance audio systems, the Studio Reference range provides a dynamic and immersive sound experience that will take your sound system to the next level. You can count on incredibly precise and extremely detailed sound with progressive tuning, excellent processing and a long life thanks to refined materials. As this is an active system, you will only find bass, midrange and tweeter speakers in the package without frequency crossovers. The tweeters also come with beautiful white houses for surface installation, and for the mid-bass you will find designer hexagon cover grilles in the package. Like all Audible Physics products, the RAM 6.3.1 loudspeakers are handcrafted in our own factory. 

Audible Physics RAM 6 BD Bass Speakers

Audible Physics RAM 6 BD mid-bass speakers are dominated by a traditional white diaphragm with a copper-colored canopy. The diaphragm of the mid-bass speaker is made of the patented Matrix Alloy Dome material made of magnesium and aluminum alloy. This combination stands out for its excellent stiffness, ability to dampen vibrations and also exemplary lightness. This enables the reproduction of deep and impressive bass while maintaining clean and precise mid-range frequencies. It is also worth mentioning the exemplary flat frequency response of the mid-bass, which is among the common characteristics of all Audible Physics speakers. The durable hinge minimizes movements that could cause contact with the 25 mm voice coil and the robust 80 x 15 mm ferrite magnet. The specially designed cast speaker basket is exceptionally rigid, eliminates vibrations and does not deform as much when the diaphragm moves, as is the case with classic steel baskets. At the same time, it does not reduce the magnetic field and dissipates heat from the oscillating coil significantly more effectively. The massive cable terminals, which we are more used to seeing on classic subwoofers, also attract attention.

Audible Physics RAM 1 SR tweeters

The membrane of the Audible Physics RAM 1 SR tweeter is made of the patented Matrix Alloy Dome material, just like in the case of the mid-bass speaker. It is a unique alloy of magnesium and aluminum, which in the case of tweeters offers several advantages, led by exceptional high-frequency details, analytically accurate sound and an extremely deep soundstage. This alloy dome impresses with its remarkable linearity of the frequency response curve and almost perfect neutrality. In addition, magnesium has excellent damping properties and, together with the very stiff aluminum in the alloy, significantly reduces distortion and mechanical deformation. The high quality 24mm neodymium magnet is optimized for better efficiency and improved linearity to ensure perfect power management and increase bandwidth and efficiency. The design of the Matrix alloy dome in copper color follows the canopy of the mid-bass membrane and optically forms a perfectly coordinated system, and not only in terms of sound. The beautiful design tweeter housing in white with a robust hexagonal grid is designed for embedding, but you will also find white housings for surface installation in the package.

Audible Physics RAM 3 SR speakers

The Audible Physics RAM 3 SR center speakers have been designed to provide an exceptional audio experience and detailed sound reproduction. Whether you're listening to vocals, acoustic instruments, or any other medium-heavy audio content, you can expect nothing less than an impressively clean and accurate mid-range presentation with the Audible Physics RAM 3 SR. Audible Physics RAM 3 SR loudspeakers are dominated by a traditional white membrane with a copper-colored canopy. The speaker membrane is also made of the patented Matrix Alloy Dome material made of magnesium and aluminum alloy. All three components form a sonically exceptional and perfectly coordinated whole that will satisfy the ear of every audiophile.

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