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Speakers RG Sound Labs RG 6.1 HD (By Audible Physics)

The RG 6.1 HD component speakers represent the RG Sound Labs brand, which is part of the portfolio of high-end speaker manufacturer Audible Physics. Featuring the initials of Audible Physics founder and world-renowned high-end speaker designer Rishi Gurbani, RG Sound Labs loudspeakers are built for the strict audiophile for whom uncompromising sound is a life's mission. This is reflected not only in the highest quality materials used, custom hand-made production with perfect craftsmanship, but also in-house patented technology. And what makes the RG 6.1 HD speakers different? First of all, it is a beautiful mid-bass diaphragm in copper color, which is made of the patented Matrix Alloy Dome material of magnesium and aluminum alloy, which allows the reproduction of deep and impressive bass while maintaining clean and precise mid frequencies. At first glance, you will also notice the unusual solution in the form of an offset membrane from the center, which significantly helps to improve the overall frequency response of these speakers, which would not be conceivable if a classic membrane was used. It goes perfectly with the silk tweeters, which boast a very low resonance frequency of 1300 Hz. These and other exceptional technologies enable not only analytically accurate and natural sound with incredible detail, but also a wider and almost perfectly linear frequency response of the speakers. Whether your goal is to participate in sound quality competitions or just the desire for perfect sound, with the RG Sound Labs RG 6.1 HD speakers you will achieve your goals.

RG Sound Labs RG 6 HD mid-bass speakers

At first glance, the RG 6 HD mid-bass loudspeakers catch the attention of the beautiful diaphragm design. The combination of black and copper color is incredibly elegant and also very unconventional. However, the composition of the membrane and the technology used are no less interesting. The diaphragm is made of the patented Matrix Alloy Dome material made from an alloy of magnesium and aluminum. This combination stands out for its excellent rigidity, vibration damping ability and also exemplary lightness, which enables the reproduction of deep and impressive bass while maintaining clean and precise mid-range frequencies. However, what really sets these speakers apart from all the competition is the misalignment of the diaphragm, which is also adapted to the speaker basket. This technologically demanding membrane solution helps to significantly improve the overall frequency response of these speakers, which would not be conceivable if a classic membrane was used. In addition, this design strengthens the membrane without increasing the weight and also increases the size of the membrane, which you will appreciate in the performance of the bass component. It is also worth noting the exemplary flat frequency response of the mid-bass, which is among the common characteristics of all Audible Physics and RG Sound Labs speakers. The durable hinge minimizes movements that could cause contact with the 25mm voice coil and robust 80x18mm ferrite magnet. The specially designed cast speaker basket is exceptionally rigid, eliminates vibrations and does not deform as much when the diaphragm moves, as is the case with classic steel baskets. At the same time, it does not reduce the magnetic field and dissipates heat from the oscillating coil significantly more effectively. The massive cable terminals, which we are more used to seeing on classic subwoofers, also attract attention. The coil and other copper components are made of the highest quality copper imported from Japan and Russia, which is known for its exceptional conductivity and durability. The package also includes designer hexagon grilles for the mid-bass speakers.

RG Sound Labs RG 1 HD tweeters

The tweeters also represent unique features, technological solutions and, above all, top-notch sound. First of all, you will definitely notice the robust dimensions with a diameter of almost 59 mm and the beautiful steel houses for a design installation solution. The given dimensions are due to the sound properties of these unique tweeters. The parameters are mainly dominated by the resonant frequency of 1300 Hz, which allows the speakers to play extra low and, together with the offset diaphragm of the mid-bass, make full use of the extended frequency range of this speaker system. The dome of the tweeter, with a diameter of 25 mm, is made of silk, which is a common standard among competing manufacturers, but it is a unique solution within the portfolio of Audible Physics and RG Sound Labs. It aims to improve in every way the strengths and weaknesses of silk tweeters and bring the traditional Audible Physics sound to all those who prefer silk tweeters. Other interesting materials used include a high-quality neodymium magnet that is optimized for better efficiency and improved linearity to ensure perfect power management and increased bandwidth and efficiency. For supporters of passive connection, you will also find compact and simple frequency crossovers for tweeters in the package, but you will logically appreciate the main advantages of this system with active connection using a DSP processor.

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