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Audible Physics Tandav Speakers 6.20

The Audible Physics Tandav 6.20 component speakers represent an imaginative entry into the audiophile world of Audible Physics. This 2-way system will surprise you at first listen with its advanced sound, which surpasses the given price category. At Audible Physics, they always look for the best possible materials for their speakers and often go their own way compared to other conventional manufacturers. Even with this basic model, you will find several unique and patented technologies. The mid-bass diaphragm is made of MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material, and the tweeters use their own patented Matrix Alloy Dome diaphragm with powerful neodymium magnets. The sound and design of the Tandav 6.20 speakers is optimized for common original car positions, easy installation is ensured by integrated crossovers on the cable and compact tweeters. The Tandav 6.20 loudspeakers are designed for factory car radios or weaker amplifiers thanks to the optimal combination of performance and high realistic sensitivity. In addition to the mid-bass and tweeters themselves, the package also includes basic frequency crossovers and design houses for surface placement. 

Audible Physics Tandav 6 mid-bass speakers 

Rich and precise low frequencies are provided by the mid-bass speaker with a diameter of 165 mm, whose membrane impresses at first glance with its white surface finish and copper-colored alloy canopy. However, the composition of the membrane is also interesting. It is made of MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material, which was developed and manufactured in the USA. This advanced material is known for its excellent stiffness, very light weight and minimal vibration, allowing accurate and natural sound reproduction. Other advantages include practically zero vibrations arising from the movement of the membrane, which is also contributed by the durable rubber suspension ensuring optimal damping and lateral stability. The suspension also eliminates movements that could cause contact with the 25mm voice coil and robust 80x15mm ferrite magnet. The solid steel basket with an anti-resonance surface finish only adds to the quality of this component system.

Audible Physics Tandav 1.20 Tweeters

Already in the basic Tandav model, the tweeters use their own patented Matrix Alloy Dome membrane with a diameter of 20 mm, which is made of magnesium and aluminum alloy. This unique combination of metals offers several advantages, led by exceptional high-frequency detail, analytically accurate sound and an extremely deep soundstage. This alloy dome impresses with its remarkable linearity of the frequency response curve and almost perfect neutrality. In addition, magnesium has excellent damping properties and, together with the very stiff aluminum in the alloy, significantly reduces distortion and mechanical deformation. The high quality 19mm neodymium magnet is optimized for better efficiency and improved linearity to ensure perfect power management and increase bandwidth and efficiency. The design of the dome in copper color follows the canopy of the mid-bass membrane and optically forms a perfect whole. The tweeter housing with a design hexagonal grid is designed for embedding, but you will also find housings for surface installation in the package.

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